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Wednesday 24 July 2013


Posted at 1:53 PM

Front end deer collision

Deer, deer and more deer!

Many people dont expect June and July to be the time of year that a deer is going to jump out in front of their vehicle.  In reality this is usually one of the collision industry's busiest times of year.  Here at BRB we are definately seeing a huge increase in vehicle vs deer collisions.

There are a couple of things to look for after a deer collision.  Is your vehicle leaking any fluids?  A front end deer collision will often result in radiator damage.  If you are leaking radiator fluid your vehicle can potentially overheat.  If you are unsure call us, we can tow your vehicle for you if necessary. 

The second thing to check on those front end deer collisions are your headlights.  Make sure both are still working to avoid problems driving at night.  If they are not let us know.  We will help you out and make sure you are safe and legal to be on the road until complete repairs can be completed. 

And finally if you do find yourself in need of collision repair because a deer jumped out in front of you, dont forget the most important tip of all...
Call BRB Auto Body!!